Global DMS Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the most efficient and compliant real estate valuation management software experience available. At Global DMS, our goal is to provide innovative solutions that are affordable, effortless to implement, and require minimal custom development to all mortgage lenders regardless of their unique workflow needs. 


Global DMS Vision Statement

Our vision at Global DMS is to sustain our reputation as the world's leading provider of valuation management technologies by continuing our development of multilingual, state-of-the-art software solutions with the highest of standards. We will provide our clientele with the best software experience possible  from implementation to training, to technical support. Our hands-on approach with each customer enables our dedicated and knowledgeable staff to better understand their unique needs, which in turn allows us to continually develop the most innovative appraisal management technologies on the market. 


Global DMS Core Values

Our culture says something about what being employed at Global DMS means for each of us – the values we deem the most worthy. We want the following to be experienced by our customers, employees, and others that we interact with:


All employees should feel that they are a part of the company’s goals and purpose, and can take action to help the company achieve those goals.


We want our organization to work in such a way that responsibilities are delegated so that we can achieve efficiencies, but also teamwork. Teamwork means keeping our commitments to our teammates and doing whatever we can to help our teammates keep theirs.


We have a “can do” attitude towards our processes and tasks. Leveraging positive energy and bringing new ideas, as well as supporting the ideas of others, will allow us all to succeed.


We will share collectively in our successes and learn from our mistakes. Success and growth give us the courage to think new – which is necessary for continued positive development.