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EVO-Res® is an innovative appraisal management software for residential real estate lending with a purposeful departure from outdated processes of older platforms. Built with the user in mind, EVO-Res was designed to streamline the appraisal experience with a configurable workflow that automates 100% of routine tasks, alerts you along the way, and gives you powerful reports to make timely decisions. This sophisticated solution gives you the features you want with the workflow you need.


Automated Appraisal Software with Powerful Features

to Lower Costs and Decrease Turn Times


100% Configurable

This revolutionary workflow engine automates every desired activity within your appraisal process. EVO-Res allows designated users to create new fields for any action that's needed instantaneously and the fields are immediately usable and reportable - no waiting on IT departments or customizations.  

automate your appraisal management

Automate Tasks

EVO-Res was designed to streamline the real estate appraisal experience with a configurable workflow design that automates 100% of routine tasks, alerting you along the way. The EVO® platform records all communication so everything is reportable and trackable, and facilitates digital signatures for vendor engagement letters.


Vendor Management

EVO-Res was built with a true cascading assignment feature that allows you to create an unlimited number of rule sets, which can be run automatically to choose the best fit appraiser based on your specific needs. 


powerful reporting for valuation management software

Powerful Reporting

Built-in reports give you the information you need to make decisions. You can also customize and build unlimited reports with no development delays and schedule automatic generation and delivery, so you’re free to focus on other tasks. 


Intuitive Interface

EVO boasts the most user-friendly navigation possible, combined with cutting edge, intuitive design practices. The platform is so user-friendly and easy to learn that you'll be up and running in days, not months. In fact, implementation time is 75% faster than with other platforms because you can configure EVO precisely to your exact needs.

appraisal management software user role based

User-Role Based

Every member of your staff only sees what they need to see, when they need to see it. This allows for a personalized, role-based experience that is completely trackable, ensuring there is no cross-population of work. In turn, departments and outside parties work in concert, giving clients a clear consensus and fewer surprises.

All Backed By Our Compliance Guarantee

With our unique Compliance Guarantee Program, your business is covered.
If you have a compliance issue, we will cover it.


Helping Banks, Mortgage Lenders, and AMCs Take Their Business to New Heights

EVO-Res goes beyond the industry standard, so your business can reach new heights. By providing powerful and
reliable real-time data, EVO-Res enables you to gain better control over your workflow and appraiser panel.

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Benefits that Help You Succeed

Cut costs and reduce manual labor by increasing your operational efficiencies. EVO-Res ensures you get a solid foundation by eliminating antiquated tasks to streamline your process, allowing you and your staff to work more efficiently.

This state-of-the-art appraisal technology is designed to help you meet your targets via its 100% customizable dashboard that's configured to a user's role, with drag and drop file uploads, automated and schedule status notifications, and so much more!

Transform your way of doing business with a faster, more accurate, and safer solution customizable to your needs.

EVO-Res is designed to automate 100% of routine tasks, alerts you along the way, and fits any business model you have. Global DMS® will work with you to set up EVO-Res how you work and guide you with critical practices for your business.

We know that staying on top of your orders is vital, and with a custom dashboard configured to roles, easy customization of reports, drag and drop file uploads, and many more features, your business will save time and money. 

Not only does EVO-Res offer an array of features to simplify and organize your work, but it also provides you with the opportunity to restructure and improve your workflow as needs change on the fly -- no development work is needed.

By automating traditionally manual tasks, you not only ensure compliance adherence, but you also experience condensed turn-times, gaining happier clients and greater productivity overall. 

EVO-Res drives down costs and workload with reports that can be custom formatted -- allowing you to build custom reports in minutes that can capture data from every field within the system.

On-demand reporting of standard and customized fields can be run ad hoc or set up to run and deliver automatically at any interval, so you always have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

EVO-Res' advanced reporting also allows you to monitor and identify your most active appraisers, those who delivered appraisal reports on time, and those who didn't -- giving you complete control over the vendors you work with. Additionally, EVO-Res allows you to rate appraisers upon completion of an order so that you can choose the best appraisers for the job in the future.

With EVO-Res, you can quickly check and gauge the state of your business' appraisal process, giving you instant visibility that allows you to make confident decisions.

EVO-Res removes the need for manual appraisal reviews, which are cumbersome and at risk of human error, but still allows the end-user to remain in complete control of this critical process.

This revolutionary software logs every action, from initial assignment through final delivery, via status-driven triggers, including auto-capturing emails and response emails. Additionally, EVO-Res tracks document delivery to the borrower and provides details of when they access, acknowledge, and download their appraisal file -- a critical component of the ECOA mandate. EVO-Res also allows you to submit your appraisal reports directly to the UCDP and EAD portal, while ensuring compliance with the Appraisal Independence Requirements (AIR) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI).

Reduce errors by letting EVO-Res shoulder the responsibility of common tasks, giving you peace of mind. 

Global DMS servers reside in the Microsoft Azure cloud, a global leader in public cloud infrastructure. It is used by the US government and many of the largest private organizations worldwide. Azure's infrastructure maintains one of the largest compliance portfolios in the industry, including SOC, ISO, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, and several others. Azure's compliance is audited annually by independent 3rd party auditing firms and full audit reports are available to all customers. 

All Global DMS data servers reside in Microsoft's East US data centers in VA. In addition, the Global DMS infrastructure is built across multiple regional availability zones that provide redundancy and high availability. Global DMS also operates in a secured office environment that is only accessible to authorized staff and vendors.

All software coding is done in our Lansdale, PA office. We do not outsource offshore.

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