eTrac® Valuation Management Software

eTrac’s collateral valuation workflow, combined with its proprietary MARS® review platform and integration to the UCDP® and EAD portal, help lenders and AMCs ensure compliance while decreasing their overall appraisal process time, effort, and costs.

Below are some of the many features available in eTrac.

valuation management workflow

Workflow Automation

The most robust workflow engine available today allows you to fully customize your unique valuation process through status-driven triggers based on your designated business rules.

appraisal management software business models

Multiple Business Models

eTrac can be configured to your needs  whether you manage the appraisal process internally or externally through AMCs.

valuation management technology reporting

Real-Time Reporting

eTrac Report Builder allows clients to build customized reports to manage productivity, monitor turn times, and analyze all aspects of the
valuation process.


real estate valuation management

LOS Integrations and Industry Partners

Multiple integrations are available to ensure workflow efficiency.
Click here for a list of eTrac integrations.


Get the Photos You Need Directly from
the Home Occupant

eTrac offers a visual inspection tool via a secure mobile app. The visual inspection tool integrates with your existing eTrac workflow to provide a method of facilitating the delivery of photographs and critical information about the subject property when access to the property is unavailable.

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mobile appraisals

Companion Products Available with eTrac:

eTrac Pre-Scheduler allows users to select between 1 to 3 inspection appointment dates per appraisal order. Once your dates have been selected, the system automatically searches for applicable appraisers that could complete the order. The order, including the specified dates, is then broadcast to these appraisers for potential assignment via email and/or text message. If an appraiser wishes to accept the order, they must first agree to one of the required dates.

eTrac Pre-Scheduler allows its users to broadcast order requests via text message to help expedite an appraiser’s response time. This feature is optional, and your appraisers must first opt-in to begin receiving text notifications. Standard data rates will apply.

Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty program provides lenders freedom from representations and warranties and promotes greater speed and simplicity. It also enables an improved borrower experience. Day 1 Certainty gives you DU® Validation Service, Enhance Property Inspection Waiver, and certainty on appraised value.

Why is this significant? With property value rep and warrant freedom, appraised values can be accepted at submission with a Collateral Underwriter® (CU) risk score of 2.5 or lower. Global DMS has incorporated critical Day 1 Certainty guidelines into our eTrac workflow engine, meaning clients can automate activities that occur on every loan – saving you time and money.

eTrac Web Forms is a web-based, form-fill platform for the fulfillment of appraisal review forms and checklists, Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), inspections, environmental, appraisal reports, HELOC Valuation Reports, and other alternative products.

This robust application includes 24 pre-configured forms capable of automated reviews, field calculations, photo pages, offline data entry options, floor plan sketches, PDF and XML deliveries, and comparable and listing maps.

Global DMS has partnered with several best-of-breed data providers to render accurate property valuations by utilizing in-depth, area-based metrics, trending, and other important factors that are not typically taken into account when underwriting loans.

Within eTrac, users have the ability to view samples of each product before they order, helping to reduce costs and ensuring that the right product is selected.

A broker price opinion (BPO) is the process used by a hired sales agent to determine the potential selling price or estimated value of a real estate property. A BPO is popularly used in situations where a financial institution believes the expense and delay of an appraisal is unnecessary.

Global DMS' BPO Production Platform comes with 24 Pre-Configured Forms, Custom Forms, and Supports the UAD format, while also allowing for BPOs, Appraisals, Inspections, Reviews, and much more.

eTrac ATOM (Appraisal Tracking on Mobile) allows users to easily accept orders, schedule appointments, call borrowers, update appraisal statuses, and get directions to the subject property being appraised – anytime, anywhere.

Global Communicator gives you the ability to market new products, services, and/or upgrades to both potential clients and existing clients through efficient and personalized mass-emails.

The platform utilizes an online editor that supports merge fields, HTML, images, external data sources, and extensive filtering for targeted mass-messaging.

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