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What Mortgage Lenders Must Consider when Selecting an Appraisal Management Technology
In order to navigate today’s valuation requirements and beyond, find out what lenders need to consider to allow them to work within their process. Download Now
Reasons Why You'll Fall In Love with EVO
We know you'll fall in love with what EVO can offer your business. Download this infographic to learn about all the benefits you are sure to love. Download Now
Appraisal Automation Amid a Pandemic
Lenders weren’t prepared for Covid-19’s impact on the appraisal process, now that the dust has cleared, it’s time to make strategic decisions. Find out where the industry stands now with regard to valuation fintech. Play Video
Discover EVO

Using outdated systems or old-school spreadsheets? Learn how EVO appraisal management technology can help your business with amazing benefits!

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How Do We Innovate The Appraisal Space?

Nick Myhasuk talks about how lenders can innovate their appraisal process.

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The Story of Joe

Take a journey with Joe as he discovers his need for appraisal management software. This video shows how EVO equips Joe's business for growth. 

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Mortgage Lending Needs To Wake Up
Vladimir Bien-Aime, CEO and President at Global DMS, shares his ideas on how the appraisal space can be transformed for the better Listen Now