EVO's Virtual Inspection Tool Provides Efficient Valuations

EVO's Virtual Inspection Tool was created to help mortgage lenders, AMCs, and appraisers gain confidence with inspections that are now potentially eligible to be completed where no physical inspection takes place. With our easy-to-use tool, the homeowner or occupant can facilitate the delivery of both photographs and answers to pre-set questions about the subject property's condition when physical access to the property is unavailable. This tool integrates with your workflow and automates the entire process to ensure that risk analysis is still being done reliably.

How Does the EVO Virtual Inspection Tool Work?

Lenders, AMCs, and appraisers who utilize EVO are able to automatically request and receive high-quality photos via the ProxyPics app of both the interior and exterior of a subject property directly from the home occupant – using these pictures to complete their real estate valuations without ever setting foot on the property.




Additional Benefits:

• The entire process is automated in EVO, requiring no additional work or oversight.
• EVO users never have to leave the platform.
• Photos include the property's front, back, and street views, as well as two pictures of each interior room.
• Provides unlimited retakes, ensuring only high-quality photos that meet all requirements.
• Includes pre-set questions for the home occupant about their home's quality, condition, and unique characteristics.

If you’re looking to promote safe social distancing while still being able to
efficiently complete your valuations,
EVO's Virtual Inspection Tool is the solution you need.


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