EVO-Res® For Appraisers

EVO-Res, Global DMS' innovative appraisal management software, was designed to make everyone’s daily process easier – including the appraiser! We've simplified the registration process so it takes less than 3 minutes to complete and provide you with a single sign-on that can be used with any of your clients utilizing EVO®. 

EVO will even send you an email alert when you need to update your credentials so you always remain active and available status to receive orders.

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By registering on the EVO Network, you join a large national network of appraisers, appraisal firms, and appraisal management companies (AMCs). Our goal is to help our lender clients find vendors to provide them with competitive pricing, fast turn times, and high-quality appraisals. As a member of the EVO Network, lenders can locate your profile to establish a connection and begin sending you requests for new orders.

Real Estate Appraisal Management Software

Appraiser registration on EVO takes
only 3 minutes to complete!

Real Estate Valuation Management Software

Each appraiser has one set of log-on
credentials to remember 
– no matter how
many of your lender clients utilize EVO.

Real Estate Appraisers Connect

As lenders start utilizing the EVO platform, all they
need to do is “connect” to the appraisers
that are already registered on the system,
similar to how users “connect” on various
social media platforms.

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