Configurable Appraisal Technology Provides Efficient Valuation Process

Configurable Appraisal Technology Provides Efficient Valuation ProcessIn today’s mortgage industry, many organizations have a unique appraisal process that fits their exact business model. Unfortunately, most valuation management technologies follow a one-size fits-all approach – requiring lengthy and expensive development work for the simplest of requests.

Global DMS’ EVO™ appraisal management software is different, providing a 100% configurable platform that allows the end-user to customize all aspects of the software on the fly (including fields) – no development work required.

Workflow Automation Tailored to Your Business Model:
EVO modernizes your appraisal process via its powerful workflow automation, which not only covers the entire process, but fits any valuation business model thanks to its configurable design that puts the end-user in direct control.

Digital Forms in Templated Format:
EVO provides digital order and review forms in a templated format that are completely customizable and can be saved for future use – allowing you to meet any given assignment as they’re presented.

Complete Visibility with Custom Reporting:
EVO’s robust and configurable reporting includes both built-in and custom reports, which can be created in minutes and capture every field and action taken within the system. 

Unlike its competitors, EVO delivers this customization out-of-the-box, granting you far more control over your appraisal management workflow than ever before and eliminating the need for costly development work that can take months to complete.

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