Simple Cyber Security Tips That Work

Simple Cyber Security Tips That WorkCyber security is an essential component of any business and must always remain at the forefront of your online and digital operations – especially with more employees now working from home on their personal networks.

In most cases, data breaches can be avoided by simple and easy to follow guidelines that will stop the hackers in their tracks. Educating your employees on these guidelines is crucial, as it will help combat the never-ending wave of cyber threats and ensure that your web operations remain secure.

With that said, listed below are some basic security tips that will help keep your critical information on lockdown:

  • Create unique passwords for each site you work on, making sure they are strong.
  • Only use company-approved devices and online applications that have been vetted by IT.
  • Never leave your devices unattended. If you need to step away, lock them.
  • Always exercise caution when clicking on links or attachments within an email.
  • Ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date at all times and back this up regularly.
  • Be cautious with what you connect to your computer, such as flash-drives, etc.
  • If an unfamiliar contact requests sensitive info via phone or email, ignore them.
  • Always monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity.

Though many of these tips seem fairly obvious, data breaches usually occur do to one or more of these simple steps being ignored. To prevent your business from being exposed, make sure you and your employees follow these basic security measures to stay ahead of the hackers.


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