Global DMS’ EVO Network Provides Simple Method for Connecting Lenders & AMCs w/ Appraisers

Global DMS’ EVO Network Provides Simple Method for Connecting Lenders & AMCs w/ AppraisersMany of today’s real estate appraisal management software platforms claim to bring added efficiencies to one’s valuation process, yet these same platforms seem to disregard the most important asset of the process – the appraiser.

As appraisers know, most systems require them to complete a lengthy registration process and then juggle multiple logins for each lender or AMC client they worth with. Not only is this cumbersome, it can be downright confusing – leading to miscommunications and costly errors.  

EVO™, Global DMS’ next-generation appraisal management software, is different in that it was designed to make everyone’s daily process easier, including the appraisers:

  • Simplified registration process, which only takes 3-5 minutes to complete.
  • Appraisers only have one set of log-on credentials to remember – no matter how many lenders or AMCs they work with.
  • Provides automatic email alerts when it’s time to update credentials – keeping appraisers in good standing and receiving orders.

Once registered on the EVO Network, lenders and AMCs are able to instantly locate an appraiser’s profile and establish a connection (similar to social media) to begin sending new assignment requests for both residential and commercial properties.

If you’re a real estate appraiser and wish to sign up for Global DMS’ EVO Network, click here.


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Global DMS’ EVO appraisal management software was designed to make everyone’s real estate valuation process easier, including the appraisers, which led us to revamp how these vendors traditionally utilize these technology platforms. We've simplified the registration process so it only takes 3 minutes to complete and provide appraisers with a single sign-on and dashboard that can be used for all of their clients who utilize EVO. This free network also allows appraisers to seamlessly facilitate their assignments with tons of useful and reliable features. Sign up for free here.