Global DMS’ EVO Network Provides Assignments Management for Appraisers

Global DMS’ EVO Network Provides Assignments, Complete Order Management for AppraisersEven though real estate appraisal management technologies have been around for many years, most have continued to ignore the needs of the appraiser – requiring these vendors to use different log-in credentials and separate dashboards for each individual client they’re completing orders for.

Not only is this extremely difficult to manage, it can lead to costly errors, increased turn-times, and less money in the pocket.

Global DMS’ EVO™ appraisal management software was designed to make everyone’s daily process easier—including the appraisers—which led us to revamp of how these vendors traditionally utilize these systems.

First, we simplified the registration process so that it only takes 3 minutes to complete. Once an appraiser is registered on the EVO Network, mortgage lenders and AMCs are then able to instantly locate their profile and establish a connection (similar to social media) to begin sending new assignment requests for both residential and commercial properties.

Second, appraisers are only required to remember one set of log-in credentials, no matter how many lenders or AMCs they’re completing orders for, and can manage all their orders from a single dashboard – promoting organization and efficiency.

In addition, this free network allows appraisers to seamlessly facilitate their assignments with tons of innovative features – including a reliable task manager and activity log that provides automatic notifications and alerts, a robust Vendor Profile that manages crucial documents, fees, and services, detailed reporting, financials, and more.