Fannie Mae Survey Asks Lenders About Post-Pandemic Workplace Plans

Fannie Mae Survey Asks Lenders About Post-Pandemic Workplace PlansFannie Mae recently published a survey of over 200 senior mortgage executives about their post-pandemic workplace plans, with a majority indicating a preference to implement a hybrid model – utilizing a mix of remote and in-office employees.

Many of these executives reported that working remotely improved productivity and lowered operating costs. However, they also noted that employee collaboration within and across business functions did suffer at times as a result of everyone being isolated away from the office.

Roughly 77% of respondents anticipate an increase in employee requests for long-term or permanent remote work arrangements, with 79% also reporting a preference for this type of hybrid model that features a mix of both remote and in-office employees.

When asked who would likely need to return to the office, senior management was most often cited, followed by those in customer-facing and other functional roles – including loan officers, post-closing support staff, and collateral handling/shipping staff.

For the minority who expect their remote workforce to decrease once the pandemic is under control, their reasoning is based on greater concern with business process flows and talent onboarding and integration.

To see the full results of Fannie Mae’s survey, as well as additional commentary, click here.


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