EVO’s Intuitive Interface & Dashboards Provide Easy Navigation, Promote Organization

EVO’s Intuitive Interface & Dashboards Provide Easy Navigation, Promote Organization

Going digital is no longer a concern for the future – it’s become reality for today’s mortgage industry. This includes real estate appraisals, which are often an intricate web of complex tasks, compliance requirements, communications, and more that can be difficult, if near impossible, to keep organized when using antiquated technologies or emails and spreadsheets alone.

Businesses that take on this digital transformation have achieved steady growth and reduced valuation turn-times as a result – leaving those resistant to this new reality behind the curve and facing stiff competition for consumers with little patience for delays.

For your lending institution to thrive in today’s digital mortgage environment, it must rely on an innovative appraisal management software that promotes organization and efficiency through role-based, easy-to-use dashboards and task lists that simplify the valuation process for staff and vendors.

Global DMS’ EVO™ appraisal management platform not only provides such functionality, it takes things a step further with its unprecedented user-configurability that allows you to customize all aspects of the software to your specific valuation process – including its fields, user-permissions and dashboards, workflow automation, and much more.

EVO’s configurability allows for a truly intuitive interface that provides your staff and vendors with a familiar, yet far more organized appraisal process thanks to its personalized dashboards and task lists that keep them on top of their important to-do’s.

Additional benefits include:

  • Simplified navigation, providing complete order management from a single screen.
  • Detailed metrics, providing overview and quick access to all appraisal orders.
  • Seamless assignments via comprehensive rule-sets and advanced automation.
  • Inspection scheduling with Event Calendar that shows appraisal due dates and inspection times.
  • Automated alerts and notifications, keeping staff and vendors on top of their appraisal orders.

For more information, or a quick demo of EVO, contact Global DMS® today at evoinfo@globaldms.com.