Configurability a True Game-Changer for Valuation Technology

configureblogMost lenders and AMCs follow their own unique appraisal process and finding an appraisal management software that works for their unique system can be challenging. Generally, valuation technology platforms are rigid, form-based platforms that need custom development performed before the software fits into their specific business processes. Customizations typically mean an added cost, time, and human capital to focus on customizations. Additionally, it drastically prolongs your go-live date.

Global DMS dared to ask the question why? Wouldn’t it be better for customers if they could configure forms and fields on their own, without custom configurations?

The EVO® platform, for commercial and residential real estate, was built with this in mind and is the only valuation technology on the market that’s 100% configurable – allowing its end-users to customize all aspects of the software and its functionality in real-time, with no development work required.  

Workflow Automation Tailored to Your Business Model:
EVO modernizes your appraisal process via its unparalleled workflow automation, which not only covers the entire process, but is able to fit any valuation business model thanks to its configurable design that puts the end-user in direct control.

Configurable Reviews, On-Demand:
EVO not only removes the burden of manual appraisal reviews by providing an automated process, it allows its end-users to easily self-configure their review forms on-demand, where they can make instant edits to existing forms or create new forms on the fly – which are immediately reportable. 

Digital Forms in Templated Format:
EVO-Res removes the need for offline Word and Excel documents that can’t communicate with your valuation technology by providing digital order and review forms that are completely customizable – allowing you to meet any given assignment.

Complete Visibility w/ Custom Reporting:
Unlike its competitors, EVO delivers this customization out-of-the-box for every field within the system – granting you far more control over your appraisal management workflow than ever before and eliminating the need for costly development work that can take weeks, if not months, to complete.

If you struggle with antiquated software and need help speeding along your appraisal management process, check out EVO appraisal management software.

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