Appraisers: Have You Signed Up for the EVO Network?

Appraisers: Have You Signed Up for the EVO Network?EVO™, Global DMS’ next-generation appraisal management software, was designed to make everyone’s daily process easier – including appraisers.

As many of these professionals know, most systems require them to complete a lengthy registration process and then juggle multiple logins for each lender or AMC client they worth with. Not only is this cumbersome, it can be downright confusing – leading to miscommunications and costly errors.  

EVO is different by providing a simplified registration process that only takes 3-5 minutes to complete. In addition, appraisers only have one set of log-on credentials to remember (no matter how many lenders or AMCs they work with), and are provided with automatic email alerts when it’s time to update credentials – keeping you in good standing and receiving orders.

Once registered on the EVO Network, lenders and AMCs are able to instantly locate an appraiser’s profile and establish a connection (similar to social media) to begin sending new assignment requests for both residential and commercial properties.

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EVO’s MARS Simplifies Appraisal Reviews

Are you concerned with how complex real estate appraisal reviews have become? Global DMS’ MARS®, a standard component of our EVO™ appraisal management software, essentially eliminates these concerns by automating your appraisal reviews – expediting a once grueling task and further ensuring compliance. MARS quickly analyzes an appraisal for completeness, consistency, and compliance with all GSE guidelines, USPAP, UAD, and industry best-practice, providing accurate reviews in seconds. MARS also significantly reduces review times by instantly directing reviewers to the areas of the appraisal the need their attention most, providing clear directives on a resolution.