Appraisal Reporting is Crucial; Does Your Software Provide the Necessary Tools?

Appraisal Reporting is Crucial; Does Your Software Provide the Necessary Tools?Achieving complete visibility over one’s business processes is essential for promoting organization, efficiency, and effective practices that provide a consistent and quality product.

Nowhere is this truer than with real estate appraisals, in which lenders, AMCs, and appraisal firms must ensure that their valuation process is both efficient and effective in order to meet the demand today’s digital consumer. However, achieving complete visibility over this intricate process, which typically involves multiple players, is near impossible without the use of a robust reporting tool that promotes automation.

This modern approach to reporting provides these entities with a competitive advantage by instantly tracking all aspects of their unique appraisal process. Not only does this grant processors a more realistic idea of appraisal turn-times, it allows management to instantly capture valuable data that can help eliminate process bottlenecks.

To have the best-of-the-best, it’s important to utilize an appraisal management technology that’s equipped with the following reporting capabilities:

  1. Custom reporting that’s able to capture data from any field within the system.
  2. Real-time reports on your specific appraisal processes and communications.
  3. The ability to understand your average appraisal turn-times.
  4. Automated management reports delivered to who you want when you want.

Global DMS’ EVO™ appraisal management software provides this complete visibility via its next-gen reporting capabilities, which include both built-in reports and the ability to create custom reports in minutes without IT support – no tickets, no waiting, no hassle.

Most importantly, EVO’s reports can capture data from any field within the system (including forms), keeping you on-top of every aspect of your appraisal process. These reports can also be automated and instantly delivered as needed to the appropriate personnel – ensuring the availability of critical information when it’s needed most.

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