EVO-Commercial 100% Configurable

100% Configurable
Use EVO-C the way you need to based upon your business processes.

EVO-Commercial drag and drop file upload

Drag & Drop File Upload
Save time by dragging multiple documents into your EVO file at one time.

EVO-Commercial automated Workflows

Automated Workflows
Eliminates manual touchpoints and dramatically increases process efficiencies.

EVO-Commercial order Form Builder

Order Form Builder
Out-of-the-box order form configuration. No more customization requests that require expensive and time-consuming development work. Nearly every field on the order form is configurable -- labels can be changed, drop-down menus can be adjusted, and fields can be added or deleted.

EVO-Commercial Report Builder

Report Builder
Real-time and configurable to include any standard or custom field that's available in EVO. Automates scheduled delivery in your designated format to multiple users.


EVO-Commercial's Features & Functionality

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