SnapVal™ Automated Portfolio Valuations

In today’s uncertain market, lenders and servicers need an accurate method to consistently evaluate their mortgage portfolios to mitigate risk and ensure financial stability. Unfortunately, the process of acquiring Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) in bulk has traditionally been time consuming, inefficient, and expensive.

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SnapVal leverages lender grade AVMs that include confidence scores for each estimate to provide the measure of certainty in simplified 0-100% scale. SnapVal provides an easy self-serve portal that allows users to upload their entire list of properties in their mortgage portfolio via a CSV / EXCEL template file.  The system processes each row in the spreadsheet in real-time and appends the AVM data to create the results file in minutes which includes valuations estimates, subject property characteristics, loan info, owner records, and tax data.


Benefits of SnapVal

Disclose Appraisal Fees

Fast and accurate AVMs expedite due diligence  that will launch you ahead of competitors.

Increase Pull-though rates

Comprehensive property data provides instant  verification and easy import.

Guaranteed Quote Appraisal Pricing System

Get a high hit rate with national data coverage and backup AVM option.

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Characteristics of a Great Portfolio Valuation System




The Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines require mortgage lenders to implement policies and procedures to review  and update the collateral valuations in their portfolios. To ensure compliance, it is imperative that lenders have accurate data powered by lender-grade AVMs to identify, measure and continually monitor risk in their portfolio. This risk management process is mandatory even when additional financing is not being contemplated in any of the associated loan files. 

It is expected that lenders not only monitor their portfolio values but are able to demonstrate that sufficient information is available to support the current market value of their collateral upon request by the regulators.  The current economic environment and rising interest rates poses many challenges to mortgage lending. While no one can predict the future, mortgage lenders can prepare for it by establishing proactive collateral risk management strategies to prevent catastrophe. 

The SnapVal technology makes it easy and cost effective for lenders to maintain compliance, assess collateral risk, and safeguard strong mortgage portfolio performance in uncertain times.  




Easy 3 step process.

1. Login and upload property addresses using CSV template.
2. After initial processing and estimate, make payment. 
3. Download complete appended file with valuations and supporting data.




SnapVal delivers on-demand account creation for instant 24/7 access to real-time portfolio valuations.  Our solution provides the most cost effective pricing on the market. Options for credit card payment, billing and premier concierge service (full service, 1 hour guaranteed turn-time).


SnapVal is ideal for organizations that sell or buy loans pools / Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs) and want to conduct their time sensitive due diligence with efficiency and confidence. The days of sending all the properties in your portfolio to a blind email and waiting for days on end is over. SnapVal begins processing immediately and is capable of processing thousands of properties in minutes, not the industry standard 3 to 6 business days. Whether you need to verify the collateral valuations on the portfolio before bidding, or you are trying to establish a fair market price on the portfolio you're selling, SnapVal delivers a significant competitive advantage. 



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