Global DMS Innovations Award Winner from PROGRESS in Lending

Global DMS 2022 Innovations Award Art-2

LANSDALE, PA, March 11, 2022 – Global DMS, a leading provider of cloud-based appraisal management software, is excited to announce that we have been selected for the Innovations Award from PROGRESS in Lending, which recognizes companies that have come together to create something truly game-changing for the mortgage space.

Global DMS® is thrilled to be recognized for our commitment to moving the industry forward and delivering superior value for our clients through leading appraisal management technology, targeted innovation and excellence in everything we do.

Global DMS was recognized for the successful development and roll-out of MyEVO™ voice-activated appraisal management. MyEVO provides EVO® users with access to critical functionality and up-to-the-minute information of their entire valuation pipeline via Amazon’s Alexa voice control – making EVO the first and only appraisal management software to provide this capability in the mortgage industry.

EVO, is the industry’s next-generation appraisal management technology for residential lenders, AMCs, and appraisers. Unlike other platforms on the market, EVO offers state-of-the-art technological advances that shatter the constraints of yesteryear software designs by allowing users to work the way they need to work.

EVO was built with the end-user in mind to provide a customized experience that’s roll-based, which includes separate dashboards and task lists to help drive optimal performance. The platform is also 100% configurable down to the field level, allowing clients to tailor all aspects of the software and its functionality to their exact needs in real-time – no development intervention is needed.

“Through its ease-of-use, configurable design, and unique automation capabilities, MyEVO and EVO provide a significant boost in efficiency through every phase of the appraisal process,” said Global DMS COO Jody Collup. “Global DMS is proud to be recognized for this effort by PROGRESS in Lending and will continue to push the boundaries on appraisal management technology, as we’ve done for the last 23 years.”

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About Global DMS:
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Pennsylvania, Global DMS is a leading provider of cloud-based commercial and residential real estate valuation solutions. The company’s solution set is cost-effectively delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) transactional basis that ensures compliance adherence, reduces costs, increases efficiencies, and expedites the entire real estate appraisal process. Global DMS solutions include its new EVO-Residential™ (EVO-Res) platform for residential lending, EVO-Commercial™ (EVO-C) platform for commercial lending, eTrac® Enterprise valuation management platform for residential lending, SnapVal™ appraisal pricing solution, eTrac WebForms, Global Kinex®, AVMs, the MISMO Appraisal Review System (MARS®), ATOM (Appraisal Tracking on Mobile). For more information, visit or call (877) 866-2747.