EVO Appraisal Management Software By Global DMS Lowers Collateral Risk


HousingWire Article, September 1, 2021EVO's configurability feature allows users to create and/or update fields within the system as needed.

In today’s mortgage industry, many organizations have a unique real estate appraisal process that fits their exact business model. Unfortunately, most valuation management technologies follow a one-size-fits-all approach, making it difficult for mortgage lenders, credit unions, AMCs and appraisal firms to work together.

Global DMS has solved this problem by creating EVO, an all-encompassing appraisal management platform that allows the user to be self-reliant, so they can easily customize the software to their exact needs in real-time.

EVO is an innovative appraisal management software with cutting-edge features and intelligent automation capabilities that ensure compliance adherence, reduce costs and expedite the entire real estate appraisal process – significantly reducing valuation turn-times. The platform’s role-based design, combined with its unprecedented user configurability, delivers the most optimal appraisal process imaginable. 

What makes EVO so unique is its configurability feature which allows users to create and/or update fields within the system as needed without having to rely on time-consuming and expensive custom development work by third parties – or annoying workarounds. EVO’s configurability also extends to other crucial areas of the platform, including its workflow automation, user permissions, dashboards, communications, forms, reports and more.

Additionally, EVO is the only platform available that can fully handle both commercial and residential real estate appraisals. Though many other platforms claim this capability, EVO is the only software that can facilitate and automate the entire commercial appraisal process (from initial bidding to final delivery) and residential appraisal process (from initial assignment through final delivery) from one centralized platform.

EVO not only allows users to seamlessly manage both lines of business, but its configurability also puts them in direct control of their appraisal management software. Powered by artificial intelligence and advanced cascading decision technology, EVO lowers collateral risk by instantly reviewing appraisal reports as they are delivered by appraisers.  This prevents costly and time-prohibitive back and forth revisions.

It provides complete visibility via built-in and custom reports, which can be run ad hoc or automatically during any point of the process. EVO also offers sound appraisal compliance via reliable automation – all backed by the industry’s only Compliance Guarantee Program.

EVO also boasts the most user-friendly navigation possible that, combined with cutting-edge, intuitive design practices, gets users up and running in days and keeps them running with minimal business interruptions when updates are needed due to process or industry changes. 

Those who use EVO love that they are able to instantly provide essential information to their teams and other parties as needed, while also being able to track both their vendors and the statuses of their various appraisal orders from one centralized dashboard. They also appreciate its simplicity, as the software is easy to navigate and configure as needed.

Global DMS utilized its 22 years of experience working with various mortgage lenders, AMCs, credit unions and appraisal firms of all sizes to produce EVO – a software that yields true results by providing the functionality needed to meet today’s challenges and beyond.

Product Snapshot: EVO is an innovative appraisal management software that ensures compliance adherence, reduces costs and expedites the entire real estate appraisal process.

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