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eTrac® ProxyPics - Home Occupant Enabled Appraisal Inspection Tool 

eTrac has been seamlessly integrated with ProxyPics, a home occupant enabled appraisal inspection tool in response to the COVID-19 health situation. ProxyPics provides an immediate solution for conducting remote inspections when access to the subject property is unavailable. 

Through this integration, lenders, AMCs, and appraisers who utilize eTrac can automatically request and receive high-quality pictures of both the interior and exterior of a subject property directly from the home occupant, using these photos to complete their real estate appraisals without ever setting foot on the property. These pictures include the front, back, and street views of the property, as well as two photos of each interior room. 

The entire process is automated, requiring no additional work or oversight from those using eTrac, who never have to leave the platform. Plus, in the event the home occupants photos are not legible, or are incorrect, retakes can be instantly uploaded as needed for no additional charge.

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