What Clients Say

“After we had implemented eTrac, our AMC assignments became automatic, and thus, it simplified and sped up our orders. The eTrac Workflow Engine also played a significant role in the implementation by automating notifications and file delivery to the ordering parties and borrowers. eTrac has made our appraisal process very easy and efficient, and we always know that we are compliant and have quality appraisals.”

Peter Gilbert, Chief Credit Officer  
CMG Mortgage

“I use Global DMS’ eTrac platform to handle my entire valuation process, which has allowed me to effectively take appraisals in-house and become my own AMC. Utilizing eTrac dramatically improved communications, enhanced visibility, gave me complete control, and established a virtually effortless appraisal management process.”

Kevin Marconi, COO  
United Fidelity Funding

“Since implementing Global DMS’ platform, we have realized very measurable gains in efficiency, productivity, and tracking while reducing our IT spend using their comprehensive Web-based appraisal management technology. While our proprietary platform worked very well, we saw greater efficiencies in Global DMS’ platform and how it meshed with our specific workflows and internal processes. Our users love the system and find it has made a big difference in how they do their jobs.”

John Forsythe, President & CEO   
Forsythe Appraisals

"eTrac customer service is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  By far the best support in the industry and you can quote me on that."

Robert B. Melfe, SVP/Appraisal Manager  
Rabobank, N.A

“We rely upon Global DMS for a wide range of assistance: From reporting, to modifications in report types, to assistance with completing lender vendor and vetting packages. Global DMS has been remarkably timely in their responses and have been willing to step in and provide support, IT and otherwise, whenever we ask. Your service, expertise, and support, exceed expectations on a regular basis. Additionally, the safeguards you have in place to protect the integrity of information and the processes exceed industry standards.”

John Radecke, VP of Sales & Service

“Through the use of eTrac, we were able to develop our own internal processes to centralize the ordering of appraisals within our LOS. We implemented the solution with 4 AMCs and have the flexibility to add or remove AMCs easily. We are able to effectively manage the workflow of our AMCs, access AMC communications with the click of a button, ensure 100% accuracy of appraisal data through systematic data capture, and improve operational efficiencies as orders are placed without ever leaving the LOS.” 

Lorraine Bryan, Director Vendor Management
New Penn Financial

“Valuation Management Group is able to provide detailed customized ordering instructions to our appraisers to fit each of our clients' individual needs by utilizing eTrac’s Company Documents. Automating this process ensures the PDF document is attached to every order based on filters, and our appraisers understand the expectation of the lender up-front  resulting in less revisions and shorter turn-times.”

Tracey Yarbrough, VP Special Projects & Systems  
Valuation Management Group, LLC

"eTrac Workflow has been nothing short of stunning for what is has done in regards to productivity. It has saved us a tremendous amount of time on the front end with reminder emails to clients, vendors, and staff for everything from files due, files late, to files sitting on hold too long. We no longer have to manually submit to the UCDP, which saves the review team time so they can complete other essential projects. Overall, the office efficiency has improved dramatically through the implementation of eTrac Workflow.”

Luke Tomaszwski  

"Our company, AAA AMC, currently uses the services of Global DMS and we absolutely love them! They are always on top of everything when it comes to compliance and guidelines, which allows us to worry about one less thing, because we completely trust that Global DMS is always ahead of the game. When it comes to customer service, they truly are second to none, as they redefine customer service to continuously meet our needs. Each member at Global DMS has a warm rapport, and they truly go the extra mile to ensure that my team and I are always satisfied with their service. They are always there when we need them and they follow up with any questions and concerns we may have to ensure we never feel forgotten. They excel at providing timely feedback and deal with challenging situations in an empathetic and focused manner. We can’t thank you enough for your exemplary service and providing “out-of-the box” solutions to our company’s individual needs. Everyone here at AAA AMC looks forward to working with you for many more years ahead!"

Marlene Minite, President