Upgrade your Commercial Appraisal Process w/ EVO-C, the Industry’s Most Advanced Platform

Upgrade your Commercial Appraisal Process w/ EVO-C, the Industry’s Most Advanced PlatformThose that manage real estate appraisals for commercial loans understand the challenges inadequate software can bring to their overall efforts. Clunky designs and navigation, the promotion of manual processes that don’t account for their business model, and slow uploads that time-out are only some of the issues that industry participants face when using outdated programs.

Fortunately, Global DMS has revolutionized modern day commercial appraisal technology with its new EVO-Commercial™ platform (or EVO-C), which eliminates these common pain-points by implementing architecture and usability patterns that are regarded as best practice.

Specifically designed for lenders, AMCs, and appraisal firms in need of a centralized appraisal management system, EVO-C greatly enhances their experience by providing custom solutions through unique configurations to their specific business processes. EVO-C is also the only platform of its kind that can automate these processes without development intervention – saving valuable time and costs.

  • 100% custom configurations within days or weeks, not months.
  • Cleaner navigation with less clicks.
  • Instantly drag and drop large appraisal file uploads with no time-outs.
  • 100% control of vendors, who are automatically cross-checked against asc.gov.

EVO-C streamlines the commercial appraisal bidding process by providing an easy way to send RFPs to multiple vendors and receive bids electronically.

In addition, the EVO-C network removes the burden of managing vendors (while still providing 100% control), as they will now register as their own entity and possess their own profiles. Users can view and connect with these profiles as they see fit, while still being able to manage their unique vendor preferences – such as coverage area, fees, and notifications.

For more information, contact us today at productinfo@globaldms.com. If you’re interested in seeing a demo, please complete the following form.


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