The Evolution of Residential Appraisal Technology Has Arrived

The Evolution of Residential Appraisal Technology Has ArrivedThose working with real estate appraisals understand the numerous touch-points this important process requires. However, many lenders and AMCs are stuck using antiquated appraisal technologies, which lack flexibility and provide limited functionality, automation, review, and reporting capabilities – putting these businesses at a disadvantage.

Global DMS’ EVO-Residential™ (EOV-Res™) platform was built with the user in mind and provides robust functionality and automation that covers the entire appraisal process – eliminating manual tasks, promoting accuracy and compliance, and modernizing your appraisal workflow for quicker turn-times via its automated communications and status notifications, drag and drop file uploads, and intuitive dashboard that provides information based on a user’s role.

However, what makes EVO-Res truly special is its 100% configurable design, which allows end-users to manipulate and utilize the system as needed based upon their specific business processes. This includes customizable order forms and review forms (which are completely digital and built into the system), where fields can be added, removed, or created as needed – no development work required.

EVO-Res also provides robust reporting capabilities and comes equipped with both built-in reports and a unique report builder that allows users to instantly configure custom reports in minutes without the need of third-party developers. These reports are able to capture data from any field (either standard or custom) within the system, including those within your order and review forms – keeping you on top of your process and enabling not only timely, but correct decisions.

Of course, these are just a few of the many benefits that EVO-Res provides for your residential appraisal process, as the platform has an extensive range of features that are readily available from day one.

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