Something Big is Happening with Global DMS on 10/28

Something Big is Happening with Global DMS on 10/28

On October 28th, appraisal technology as we know it is about to get a serious face-lift.

For years, software systems have been built with ridged frameworks that don’t account for their customers’ specific (and often far different) processes. Not only has this led to longer implementation times and staff confusion, it often requires end-users to pay for custom development work for the simplest of platform tweaks, which can take weeks (if not months) to complete.

With 20 years of experience as an appraisal technology provider, Global DMS has decided to change the narrative by creating an innovative valuation technology that’s fully configurable – allowing its end-users to manage all aspects of the software according to their needs in real-time.

This game changing functionality provides users with a technology solution that grants them far more control over their appraisal management workflow than ever before – eliminating costly delays and interruptions.

What is this innovative new software? What additional benefits does it provide? Tune in on October 28th to find out….


Attending MBA Annual?
Global DMS will be making its special announcement during the MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo next week and invites you (or any co-workers going in your place) to stop by booth #1019 for complete details. We will also be hosting an unforgettable “Glow Party” in downtown Austin on Tuesday night! For more details, or to register, click here.



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