Simplify Your Valuation Management via Configurable Workflow Automation

Simplify Your Valuation Management via Configurable Workflow AutomationStaff efficiency, order and vendor management, turn-times, and overhead costs are all negatively impacted when utilizing a valuation management platform that has gaps in its automation and functionality.

In order to avoid this common dilemma, it’s important to ensure that your appraisal technology provides a configurable, workflow-driven process from initial assignment to final delivery. This is the key ingredient for an efficient, self-sustained valuation management process, as it helps to eliminate manual touch points, increase speed, reduce human error, and more effectively manage compliance.

eTrac®, Global DMS’ valuation management platform for residential transactions, not only manages every aspect of the appraisal process, it automates this entire process from start to finish via its powerful Workflow Engine. This unique, status-driven tool enables users to trigger automated actions based on the statuses of their appraisal orders.

Thousands of workflow configurations, which are self-configurable through an easy-to-use rules engine, are available and can be set to process once, always, or only when an order status changes. Some popular examples of its functionality include:

  • Fully customize and automate email or file delivery to multiple recipients.
  • Schedule automatic notifications and reminders to your appraisers or staff.
  • Automatically send specialized reports to selected recipients as attachments.
  • Assign orders to engagers, reviewers, or supervisors automatically.
  • Give permission to selected appraisers or staff so they can view files automatically.
  • Automatically run a MARS® appraisal review (or other review products) on uploaded files.
  • Automatically run specified AVM or data analytics products on uploaded files.
  • Automatically submit UAD XML files to the UCDP® or EAD portal.  

eTrac’s Workflow Engine also includes specialized automation capabilities for those that utilize the system’s LOS integrations and other Web Services (including Client and Vendor API integrations).

In short, eTrac’s unique automation will provide your team with new found efficiencies that will make a noticeable difference to your overall valuation process – no matter what business model you follow. And, making the switch is less daunting (and expensive) then you may think.

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