Organize & Automate the Selection of your Supporting Documentation w/ eTrac’s Company Documents Tool

Organize & Automate the Selection of your Supporting Documentation w/ eTrac’s Company Documents ToolDoes your current valuation management software automatically organize your supporting documentation within a centralized location? Better yet, can it automatically distribute this documentation per appraisal order based on your clients’ specific requirements?

This often overlooked, yet important aspect of the appraisal process is not typically accounted for in many software platforms, requiring users to manually search, customize, and upload each supporting document as they need them.  

Global DMS’ eTrac® platform helps alleviate this common pain-point by providing its users with the Company Documents tool. This unique tool automatically associates your supporting documentation with a given order that meets the proper parameters and sends this information as an email attachment to vendors or clients upon assignment or forwarding. This prevents the need to send two different communications and eliminates manual uploads – saving time, while mitigating risk.

The documents may be client-specific, product-specific, billing method-specific, or any combination thereof. Filters are also available for certain document-types, which allows users to customize their supporting documentation to fit the exact needs of their organization.

In addition, tracking files is easy. Any time an automated file is sent via Company Documents, it will be represented within eTrac’s document logging system. These files are treated as an attachment to the order and include a date/time stamp of when they were added.

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