No Matter How Unique, eTrac Seamlessly Manages Any Valuation Business Model

No Matter How Unique, eTrac Seamlessly Manages Any Valuation Business ModelHave you ever tried to implement a new software platform only to find that it can’t be configured to match your specific business model? This unfortunate norm not only frustrates staff, it requires organizations to completely alter their processes to accommodate the new system – leading to confusion, longer turn-times, and increased risk.  

Software should adjust to your processes, not the other way around. With eTrac®, Global DMS’ comprehensive valuation management platform, lenders get to choose how to maximize their process efficiencies by customizing their own unique workflow within the system – no matter what business model they follow.

In-House Appraisal Panel Model:
Utilizing an in-house appraisal panel can be quite stressful to manage without the right system in place. With so many things to account for, it can be easy to accidentally miss something along the way – putting your lending institution at risk. eTrac alleviates this common pain-point by efficiently streamlining the entire valuation process, keeping everything in full compliance with little-to-no resources.

  • Automatic Appraiser Validation & Monitoring
  • Easy Appraiser Setup
  • Integration w/ Your LOS
  • Automated Appraiser Scoring
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Seamless UCDP® or EAD Delivery

Multiple AMC Model:
The common challenge for lenders that utilize AMCs is that many of these companies use different technology applications, which typically leads to communication delays. eTrac provides a centralized platform that has the bandwidth to not only manage all your AMCs from one place, but to implement them in a timely fashion.

  • One Standardized System & Process
  • Customized AMC Distribution Logic
  • Score Cards for Each AMC
  • One Platform, Fully Integrated to Multiple AMCs & LOS Providers
  • Automated Appraisal QC/Review
  • Automated Communications & Notifications
  • Standard & Custom Reports

Hybrid Model:
For lenders that utilize both an internal panel and AMCs, managing every aspect of this often-complex process can be quite cumbersome. eTrac allows you to easily manage both at the same time from one centralized platform, providing specific workflows that can be configured for your in-house users as well as your third-party AMC users. This helps keep both processes organized and on track at all times.

No matter what type of business model you follow, eTrac is guaranteed to provide an efficient workflow that won’t require a complete overhaul of the processes you’re comfortable with. For more information, contact us today at


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