Mobile Appraisal Apps Help Expedite Valuation Turn-Times

Mobile Appraisal Apps Help Expedite Valuation Turn-TimesMobile technologies (like smartphones and tablets) have greatly reduced turn-around times and overhead costs for businesses, because they allow professionals to efficiently work form anywhere using single-purposed applications that are designed to automatically streamline key business processes.

Real estate appraisers arguably spend more time away from their offices than any other mortgage industry professional, and the advent of these mobile technologies has transformed the way many of them can conduct their daily activities.

Mobile appraisal apps—like eTrac ATOM—allow appraisers to receive and manage their orders directly from their smartphones or tablets. Those that utilize an app like ATOM can see who and what their orders are for, quickly accept, accept with conditions, or decline orders, update their orders’ statuses, schedule inspections with specific dates and times, and set specific delivery dates – all while on the go.

To expedite the process even further, ATOM always remains synchronized with an appraiser’s office system in order to provide real-time updates and accurate records. This prevents the need for duplicate data entry, which saves time and reduces the risk of errors or omissions.

In the end, this mobile process not only allows appraisers to handle a much greater volume of orders, it allows lenders to close loans that much faster.


Want to know more about eTrac® ATOM?
From most any mobile device, eTrac ATOM (Appraisal Tracking On Mobile) allows your appraisers to easily accept orders, schedule appointments, call borrowers, update statuses, obtain directions and property details, and more. Check out our ATOM webpage for additional details, or contact us anytime at

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