Let eTrac Manage your In-House Appraisal Operations so you can Focus on your Business

Let eTrac Manage your In-House Appraisal Operations so you can Focus on your BusinessThose that utilize an in-house appraisal panel understand the numerous process points that must be accounted for on a regular basis.

Everything from vendor management through final delivery of the appraisal report must be overseen properly to not only ensure compliance, but timely closings as well. With so many things to account for, it can be easy to overlook something along the way – putting your institution at risk. In addition, mitigating this risk without the proper tools requires constant attention, which unfortunately distracts focus from other important business goals and initiatives.

Most lenders, AMCs, and appraisal companies know that incorporating valuation management technology is the best way to alleviate these common pain-points. That said, choosing the right system is paramount to your overall success.

For instance, numerous platforms only manage part of the appraisal process – requiring users to implement additional software programs to fill the gaps. This not only leads to more costs, it promotes a counter-productive workflow with longer turn-times.

eTrac®, Global DMS’ valuation management platform for residential transactions, efficiently streamlines the entire in-house appraisal process through its robust lineup of useful tools and unique automation capabilities – keeping everything in full compliance with little-to-no resources.

  • Full Appraisal Management – From Vendor Due Diligence to Final Delivery
  • Automatic Appraiser Validation & Monitoring
  • Easy Appraiser Set-Up
  • Appraisal Appointment Pre-Scheduler Feature
  • Text Messaging for Assignment Notifications
  • Automated Reporting – Including Customized Management Reports
  • Automated Appraisal Scoring
  • Direct Access to AVM, Data Analytic, Review, and Flood Products
  • Numerous LOS Integrations
  • Seamless Delivery to the UCDP® or EAD Portal

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