Fannie to Host Informative Webinar for Appraisers regarding CU

Fannie to Host Informative Webinar for Appraisers regarding CUFannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter® (CU™) has been available for some time now, but many appraisers have been left in the dark as to how the GSE’s review platform actually works.

Because of this, Fannie recently announced that it will be hosting a new CU-related webinar called “Appraisal Observations and Insights”, which has been customized specifically for appraisers. The webinar will provide a live demo of CU to show appraisers how lenders are trained to use the software and will also share the GSE’s latest appraisal observations.

In addition, it will provide recommendations on how appraisers can improve their appraisal scores, reduce revision requests, and save time.

The webinar will be offered on the following dates:

  • Thursday, March 1st from 2 - 3:30pm ET
  • Wednesday, April 4th from 1 - 2:30pm ET

To register for one of these timeslots, click here.

For more information about CU—including FAQs and user guides—visit Fannie Mae’s CU webpage.


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