EVO-Commercial Greatly Reduces Appraisal Review Times via its Digital Approach

EVO-Commercial Greatly Reduces Appraisal Review Times via its Digital ApproachAppraising commercial real estate is time-consuming. After all that patience and hard work by the appraiser, the last thing lenders, AMCs, or appraisal firms want are pesky delays caused by inadequate management software that lacks the functionality they need – including digital review forms.

Global DMS’ EVO-Commercial™ platform (or EVO-C™) eliminates these common delays by implementing architecture and usability patterns that are regarded as best practice for today’s commercial real estate environment.

This includes digitizing your appraisal review forms for an integrated, consistent, and reportable approach – allowing you to say goodbye to Word docs forever! With EVO-C, users can easily develop multiple custom review forms for both standard and technical reviews, which can be deployed and data mined from one centralized system.

Not only does EVO-C promote a consistent and efficient digital review process (complete with vendor scoring and data collection), it helps reduce your appraisal review times up to 50% by implementing integrated online review forms and checklists.

In addition, EVO-C is also the only platform of its kind that can automate your specific commercial appraisal process without development intervention – saving even more time and costs.

  • 100% custom configurations within days or weeks, not months.
  • Cleaner navigation with less clicks.
  • Instantly drag and drop large appraisal file uploads with no time-outs.
  • 100% control of vendors, who are automatically cross-checked against asc.gov.

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