eTrac Easily Manages Any Valuation Business Model – No Matter How Unique

eTrac Easily Manages Any Valuation Business Model – No Matter How UniqueValuation management software helps bring stability and greater efficiency to a lender, AMC, and/or appraiser’s workflow. However, these systems can become counter-productive if they aren’t configurable and able to match your specific business model.

This unfortunate norm not only frustrates your hard-working staff, it requires your organization to completely alter its appraisal process to accommodate the new system – leading to confusion, longer turn-times, and increased risk.

At Global DMS®, we believe software should adjust to your specific valuation process, not the other way around. Our eTrac® residential platform maximizes efficiency by allowing users to customize their own unique workflow within the system – no matter what business model they follow.

In-House Appraiser Panel Model:
There are many things to account for when utilizing an in-house appraiser panel, making it easy to accidentally miss something along the way. eTrac alleviates this pain-point by streamlining the entire valuation process, keeping everything in full compliance with little-to-no resources.

  • Automatic Appraiser Validation & Monitoring
  • Easy Appraiser Setup
  • Integration w/ Your LOS
  • Automated Appraiser Scoring
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Seamless UCDP® or EAD Delivery

Multiple AMC Model:
The common challenge for lenders that utilize this model is that many AMCs use different technology applications, which can hinder communications. eTrac provides a centralized platform that has the bandwidth to manage and track all your AMCs via automated alerts and notifications.

  • One Standardized System & Process
  • Customized AMC Distribution Logic
  • Score Cards for Each AMC
  • One Platform, Fully Integrated to Multiple AMCs & LOS Providers
  • Automated Appraisal QC/Review
  • Automated Communications & Notifications
  • Standard & Custom Reports

Hybrid Model:
For those that utilize both an internal appraiser panel and multiple AMCs, managing every aspect of this often-complex process can be quite cumbersome. eTrac easily manages and tracks both groups at the same time, providing specific workflows that can be configured for your in-house users as well as your third-party AMC users. 

No matter what type of business model you follow, eTrac is guaranteed to provide an efficient workflow that won’t require a complete overhaul of the processes you’re comfortable with. For more information, contact us today at


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