Encompass Users can Pre-Schedule Appraisal Appointments through eTrac

Encompass Users can Pre-Schedule Appraisal Appointments through eTracEfficient turn-times are an essential component of the mortgage lending process, especially in today’s fast-paced market environment. Timely real estate appraisals play a vital role, yet many appointments are scheduled at the vendor’s discretion – which can lead to unforeseen delays.

To help combat this costly scenario, Global DMS’ eTrac® valuation management platform has been equipped with a Pre-Scheduler tool, which allows its users to set between 1-3 pre-determined appraisal appointment dates that a vendor must first agree to before accepting the order.

This unique functionality has also been incorporated into eTrac’s integration with Encompass® and can be utilized by these users directly from within their native Encompass interface.

eTrac’s Pre-Scheduler app provides multiple benefits for your valuation process, including:

  • Reduces turn-times by instantly scheduling your appraisal appointments.
  • Allows you to choose specific appointment dates based on your parameters, business processes, or special requests from borrowers or clients.
  • Uses broadcast technology to automatically push orders to eligible appraisers only – ensuring quick acceptance and timely completion.

For more information, or to see a quick demo of how eTrac’s Pre-Scheduler app works, contact us today at productinfo@globaldms.com.


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