Efficient Commercial Real Estate Appraisals Require Technology

Efficient Commercial Real Estate Appraisals Require Efficient Technology….Appraising commercial real-estate is time-consuming, requiring patience and sound due diligence throughout the actual valuation and the important processes that follow. After all that patience and hard work by the appraiser, the last thing lenders, AMCs, and appraisal firms want are pesky delays caused by antiquated appraisal management systems that lack the functionality and configurability they need to truly excel.

Not only do these dated platforms lack important functionalities, such as digital forms, drag and drop file uploads, and robust reporting, their rigid structures require custom development work for the simplest of changes – leading to more delays, time-consuming work-arounds, and additional costs.

Though it may take weeks for an appraiser to complete an assignment, it’s important for lenders and AMCs to remain mindful of any possible efficiency gains that are available through a new-age technology – like Global DMS’ EVO-C™ platform.

EVO-C eliminates these common pain-points by implementing architecture and usability patterns regarded as best practice for today’s commercial real estate industry. Specifically designed for lenders and AMCs in need of a centralized appraisal management system, EVO-C greatly enhances their experience by providing custom solutions through unique configurations to their specific business processes.

EVO-C is also the only platform of its kind that can automate these processes without development intervention – saving valuable time and costs.

  • 100% configurable platform, including fields, review forms, order forms, and reports.
  • Cleaner navigation with less clicks.
  • Instantly drag and drop large appraisal file uploads with no browser time-outs.
  • Consistent and effective review process that significantly reduces review turn-times.
  • 100% control of vendors, who are automatically cross-checked against ASC.gov.

In addition, EVO-C streamlines the commercial appraisal bidding process by providing an easy way to send RFPs to multiple vendors and receive bids electronically – leading to quicker assignments and thus, quicker turn-times.

Becoming more efficient starts with the right appraisal technology. Contact Global DMS® today at evoinfo@globaldms.com to see how EVO-C is the difference-maker you’ve been looking for.